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CORE-V DevKits

Welcome to the OpenHW Group CORE-V DevKits page.

CORE-V DevKits that support evaluation of and development for OpenHW SoCs are developed by the OpenHW Hardware Task Group and the OpenHW Software Task Group contributing members.

Available CORE-V DevKits are listed below.


CORE-V MCU DevKit. Described in detail below.



The CORE-V MCU DevKit is a turnkey, open-source development and prototyping platform for the CORE-V MCU System on Chip. The CORE-V MCU DevKit enables makers of IoT and embedded systems to evaluate the performance of the CORE-V MCU, to interconnect with WiFi and the IoT cloud, and to develop and test software using the CORE-V SDK.

The CORE-V MCU DevKit includes these features

The CORE-V MCU DevKit is supported by OpenHW Group’s open-source CORE-V MCU SDK. The SDK comprises the following features

The CORE-V MCU SDK Quickstart Guide includes links and instructions to download and bring up the SDK on Linux and Windows. The DevKit User Manual is available on Read the Docs.

Ordering the CORE-V MCU DevKit

The CORE-V MCU DevKit is currently available for early access order on the GroupGets website with anticipated delivery of November 14, 2023. Visit the GroupGets CORE-V MCU DevKit early access campaign page to reserve your DevKit, as early access quantities are limited.

CORE-V MCU Emulation Platform

Nexsys A7. Described in detail below.

Digilent Nexsys A7 board configured as CORE-V MCU Emulation platform


The CORE-V MCU emulation platform integrates the CV32E40P Processor IP using the PULPissimo SoC from the PULP Platform and the Quicklogic ArticPro eFPGA. The CORE-V-MCU has been implemented on the Nexys A7 FPGA platform to support evaluation of processor functionality and software development using the CORE-V SDK.

To get started with the CORE-V-MCU, consult the CORE-V-MCU Quick Start Guide and the CORE-V-SDK Quick Start Guide

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