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CORE-V DevKits

Welcome to the OpenHW Group CORE-V DevKits page.

CORE-V DevKits that support evaluation of and development for OpenHW SoCs are developed by the OpenHW Hardware Task Group and the OpenHW Software Task Group contributing members.

Available CORE-V DevKits are listed below.

CORE-V MCU Emulation Platform

Nexsys A7. Described in detail below.

Digilent Nexsys A7 board configured as CORE-V MCU Emulation platform


The CORE-V MCU emulation platform integrates the CV32E40P Processor IP using the PULPissimo SoC from the PULP Platform and the Quicklogic ArticPro eFPGA. The CORE-V-MCU has been implemented on the Nexys A7 FPGA platform to support evaluation of processor functionality and software development using the CORE-V SDK.

To get started with the CORE-V-MCU, consult the CORE-V-MCU Quick Start Guide and the CORE-V-SDK Quick Start Guide


CORE-V MCU DevKit. Described in detail below.



The CORE-V MCU DevKit is a turnkey development and prototyping platform for the CORE-V-MCU System on Chip. The CORE-V MCU DevKit enables makers of IoT and embedded systems to evaluate the performance of the CORE-V MCU, to interface with peripherals, and to develop and test software using the CORE-V SDK.

The CORE-V MCU DevKit includes these features

Pre-ordering the CORE-V MCU DevKit

The CORE-V MCU DevKit will be available for order on the GroupGets website with anticipated delivery in Q4 2023. Visit the GroupGets CORE-V MCU DevKit early access campaign page to reserve your DevKit, as early access quantities are limited.

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