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OpenHW Group Celebrates Rapid Growth to 40+ Members and New Open-Source Processor Implementations Less Than a Year After Launch

Member organisation for collaboration, ecosystem development and open-source processor cores grows at pace.

Ottawa, Canada, February 25, 2020: OpenHW Group, the not-for-profit global organization set up to facilitate collaboration between hardware and software designers in the development of open-source cores, related IP, tools and software, today announced it has gained over 40 members and partners since its launch seven months ago, far exceeding the original goal. During this early phase, OpenHW Group has also introduced the CORE-V family of open-source RISC-V cores, specifically the CV32E and CV64A and announced the 2020 CORE-V Chassis SoC project, the tape-out of a heterogenous multi-core processor, capable of running the Linux operating system.

The charter of the OpenHW Group is to serve developers of processor cores and hardware and software engineers who design SoCs with greater awareness, understanding and availability of open-source processor implementations for use in high volume production. In the short time since the OpenHW Group launch, the organisation has achieved an unprecedented following and is focused on delivering ambitious projects throughout the course of 2020.

“It is extremely encouraging to see the continued growth of the OpenHW Group ecosystem and the appetite amongst hardware and software designers for such a collaborative platform,” said Rob Oshana, Chairman of the Board at OpenHW Group and VP Software Engineering at NXPTM. “At NXP we are excited to see the rapid evolution of the community and to be working with them, including far-reaching opportunities like the recently-announced CORE-V Chassis SoC project enabling OpenHW Group open-source RISC-V cores for high-performance embedded processing.”

“We are very pleased by the support we have seen in such a short space of time from new members joining the ecosystem, to implementations of our CORE-V family of open-source RISC-V cores in member projects,” said Rick O’Connor, Founder and CEO at OpenHW Group. “The next phase of the OpenHW Group journey will be intense and exciting, with the focused delivery of the fully functional CORE-V Chassis SoC evaluation board.”

A full list of member organisations can be found here at For more information on OpenHW Group please contact [email protected].

For further information and reader enquiries:

Rick O’Connor, President & CEO
Phone: +1 (613) 614-4101
Email: [email protected]

Agency contact:

Andrea Barnard, Publitek Limited
Phone: +44 7768 178356
Email: [email protected]

About the OpenHW Group

OpenHW Group is a not-for-profit, global organization driven by its members and individual contributors where hardware and software designers collaborate in the development of open-source cores, related IP, tools and software such as the CORE-V Family of cores. OpenHW provides an infrastructure for hosting high quality open-source HW developments in line with industry best practices. 

CORE-V is a series of RISC-V based open-source cores with associated processor subsystem IP, tools and software for electronic system designers. The CORE-V family provides quality core IP in line with industry best practices. The IP is available in both silicon and FPGA optimized implementations. These cores can be used to facilitate rapid design innovation and ensure effective manufacturability of high-volume production SoCs.


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