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This webinar will provide an overview of the CORE-V eXtension I/F, the project structure and roadmap as well as the SW tool chain implications of custom instructions. We’ll also hear from one of the newest OpenHW Group members, Imagination Technologies, and its motivations for joining the OpenHW ecosystem. The webinar, with a live Q&A session, is being broadcast live on Thursday, June 24 at 11am EDT.

Speakers include:

  • Tim Whitfield – Chief of Engineering, Imagination Technologies
  • Trefor Southwell – Senior Director of Hardware Engineering, Imagination Technologies
  • Jeremy Bennett – Chief Executive, Embecosm
  • Davide Schiavone – Director of Engineering, OpenHW Group

The session is moderated by Rick O’Connor, President & CEO, OpenHW Group. After a series of brief presentations, there is a live Q&A roundtable session as usual.

Register for the webinar:

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