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Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022

Ensuring Correctness and Quality of RISC-V Testbenches

When most people think about OpenHW Group, they probably think first about our RISC-V cores. The group name implies providing hardware designs compliant with the widely adopted free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). But supporting an ISA requires much more than the register transfer level (RTL) code to implement the hardware.

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2022

OpenHW Group: An Open Approach to Microprocessor Design

The open source methods that have reshaped the software industry are now substantially transforming microprocessor technology development, licensing, and implementation. The OpenHW Group, a global, not-for-profit, member-driven organization headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and partnered with the Eclipse Foundation, is a major driver of this shift.

Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022

Open Source Hardware the New Reality CV32E40P project

When thinking about open-source, Linux is probably the first thing one thinks of, a successful project that everyone relies on. Open-source hardware is a new reality that aims to follow the path that Linux and other open-source software projects have achieved.

Tuesday, Feb 1, 2022

OpenHW Industrial-Grade Verification for Open-Source CORE-V IP Cores

This brief outline gives an overview of the open methodology and standards-based environment for the verification of the RISC-V based open-source CV32E40P core.

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