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Tuesday, Mar 7, 2023

Embedded World 2023

Heading to Embedded World 2023? Stop by the OpenHW Group & Eclipse Foundation booth Hall 4 – 554. OpenHW Group will be highlighting their CORE-V Family of Open Source RISC-V Cores for High Volume Production SoCs.

Monday, Mar 6, 2023

Security for all - OpenHW Group leads the charge towards a secure future

Security has become a critical issue for the entire IoT supply chain in recent years, as the number of connected devices continues to grow and our reliance on them increases.

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

CORE-V CVA6 Open-Source Manycore RISC-V Architecture

We have been striving to build a design that is portable across simulators and technology processes and we are excited to bring support for coherent, manycore OpenHW CORE-V CVA6 clusters on Intel FPGAs through an upcoming release. This bolsters our position of OpenPiton and CVA6 being an ideal platform for RISC-V software development as the broader ecosystem continues to mature.

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022

Do you like open-source HW RISC-V CPUs?

… and even more, do you like to have HIGH-QUALITY, VERIFIED open-source HW IPs?

If the answer is YES, and you want to help us build them, this job offer is for you.

We are looking for a Hardware Verification Engineer that extends our ecosystem.

Click here for more details!

Thursday, Sep 1, 2022

Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V Launch Bolstered by OpenHW Group CORE-V Family Open Source Cores

Finding the path to amazing open-source innovation just got easier. That’s because Intel® Pathfinder for RISC-V has been launched, transforming the way SoC architects and system software developers define and design new products. Intel® Pathfinder allows for a variety of RISC-V cores and other IP to be instantiated on FPGAs and simulator platforms, with the ability to run industry-leading operating systems and tool chains within a unified IDE.

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2022

CORE-V MCU SoC with Embedded eFPGA Technology

One of the great attributes of open-source technology for developers is the ability to mix and match building blocks from different sources but with complementary features to create new platforms with amazing capabilities. A recent example started as a collaboration between ETH Zurich, one of the top technical universities in Europe, and QuickLogic to produce an SoC test chip we called the “Arnold.”

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022

Ensuring Correctness and Quality of RISC-V Testbenches

When most people think about OpenHW Group, they probably think first about our RISC-V cores. The group name implies providing hardware designs compliant with the widely adopted free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). But supporting an ISA requires much more than the register transfer level (RTL) code to implement the hardware.

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2022

OpenHW Group: An Open Approach to Microprocessor Design

The open source methods that have reshaped the software industry are now substantially transforming microprocessor technology development, licensing, and implementation. The OpenHW Group, a global, not-for-profit, member-driven organization headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and partnered with the Eclipse Foundation, is a major driver of this shift.

Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022

Open Source Hardware the New Reality CV32E40P project

When thinking about open-source, Linux is probably the first thing one thinks of, a successful project that everyone relies on. Open-source hardware is a new reality that aims to follow the path that Linux and other open-source software projects have achieved.

Tuesday, Feb 1, 2022

OpenHW Industrial-Grade Verification for Open-Source CORE-V IP Cores

This brief outline gives an overview of the open methodology and standards-based environment for the verification of the RISC-V based open-source CV32E40P core.

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