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OpenHW TV S02 E03

OpenHW Accelerate and its inaugural CORE-V VEC project

Mar 18, 2021

This TV episode focuses on OpenHW Accelerate, a $22.5M multi-year co-funded research program announced in March 2021. It showcases the first OpenHW Accelerate project, CORE-V VEC, which is a research effort to explore architectural optimizations for RISC-V vector processor implementations used in high-throughput multi-dimensional sensor data processing and ML acceleration at the Edge.

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OpenHW TV S02 E02

What do you gain from the OpenHW ecosystem?

Feb 18, 2021

The fast-growing, open source OpenHW ecosystem is the focus of this episode of OpenHW TV. OpenHW IP adopters highlight the key drivers for their engagement in the OpenHW community. The episode also contains an extended Q&A session addressing questions such as what the sweet spot is for RISC-V cores such as CORE-V, and which RISC-V ISA extensions are most important. Watch the video of the webinar broadcast on 18 February now.

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OpenHW TV S02 E01 interview and Season One round-up

Jan 28, 2021

2021. New year, new episode of OpenHW TV. In the first episode of Season Two, we feature an interview between editor-in-chief Nitin Dahad and OpenHW Group President and CEO Rick O’Connor. They discuss the latest milestones of the OpenHW Group, the roadmap for the organization, as well as the key issues that are driving the growth of open-source processor design and development. Plus there’s a brief bonus round-up of Season One showing the interesting range of guidance and discussion that was presented last year.

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