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OpenHW TV S01E02

Jul 16, 2020

Episode 2 of OpenHW TV gives an in-depth overview and progress to date of the CVE4 (previously RI5CY) and CVA6 (previously Ariane) cores with panelists from the OpenHW Group Cores Task Group answering questions in an interesting Q&A session at the end.

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OpenHW TV S01E01

Jun 18, 2020

We live-streamed a world class first episode of OpenHW TV on 18th June and even exceeded our registration numbers, as guest presenters from Metrics and Imperas highlighted the open source CORE-V processor IP design verification plan. Our live Q&A session at the end with panellists from OpenHW Group including the Co-Chairs of our Verification Task Group was extremely popular and provoked some great discussion.

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