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OpenHW TV S04/E01

Security for All: OpenHW Group Leads the Charge Towards a Secure Future

Mar 28, 2023

Security has become a critical issue for the entire IoT supply chain in recent years, as the number of connected devices continues to grow and our reliance on them increases. With more devices connected to the internet, the potential for security breaches and data theft also increases. The following topics will be discussed in this episode:

  • Brief overview of the CORE-V Trusted MCU Project. (This project was developed to ensure there is an option for the very best security starting from the design phase on all OpenHW devices.)

  • The complexity of IoT security

  • The current vulnerabilities of hardware

  • The benefits of having a root of trust or physical uncountable function (PUF) in your device

Featured presenters for this episode will include: Dr. Abdoulaye Berthe, Founder & President of Low Power Futures and Chris Jones, Director of Applications at Crypto Quantique. Rick O’Connor, President & CEO of OpenHW Group, will host a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

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